Since that time, the Carrera has remained one of the most popular chronographs in the Heuer catalog. Various iterations have since existed with different movements and features, however, {} proportions, legible dials, and precise movements. A watch line that simply evokes what it is designed for: being in a fast moving automobile.

Honestly, there is a long list of previous TAG Heuer Carrera collection timepieces that came before this one that allowed for this model to become possible. It wouldn't be practical to list them all but let's just say that it includes TAG Heuer's advanced new in-house made automatic movement, and the black and white "panda" color tones are based on the original models which still look great today. While I don't dislike the red, the colors are going to be controversial as they really separate this timepiece from the cleaner looking historic Carrera models. I have a feeling TAG Heuer will–at some point–produce a version of the TAG Heuer Calibre CH 80 without the red trim.

The three register CH 80 Chronograph has 80 hours of power reserve and a nice tri-compax subdial layout, it also has the date. TAG Heuer will offer the Carrera Calibre CH 80 on a steel bracelet or High quality but low-price Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches UK leather strap (with red lining). The red color might be a bit much, but we will find that out when we check out the watch hands-on soon. As watch geeks, we've spent a lot of time pondering smartwatches. Here's one we didn't anticipate, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 72. TAG partnered with Oracle Team USA to create a single-purpose smart watch for the sailors in the America's Cup 2013, and the results are fascinating. Let's take a closer look. The boats in the 2013 America's Cup are high-tech marvels, with ship-to-shore broadband, streaming hi-definition video, all sorts of data acquisition (to the tune of 30,000 samples per second total), and an on-board WiFi network. The boats and the race are about as tuned and competitive as you can get, with every component carrying the maximum load and the minimum material to do so. The eleven sailors all have very specific jobs to do, and each sailor needs a few bits of information to perform well.

What types of information may an Aquaracer 72 watch display? The dial looks as though it is setup to display four pieces of information at once. Though it is possible that the dividers between the information hublot big bang replica can be further reconfigured. The pictured example of the Aquaracer 72 displays the true wind speed (TWS), true wind direction (TWD), boat speed (BS), and true wind angle (TWA)... This rare prototype Heuer Autavia was offered for sale at the Chronocentric forums, which is a forum for vintage (Heuer) chronograph collectors. Of course we immediately mailed the seller, who send us some additional images and told us he bought the watch, as is, at a reputable watch dealer in Munich, Germany. That would make sense, because according to several experts who commented online, a few orange Autavia dials surfaced at a German watch dealer some years ago. The serial number that is stamped between the lugs (Serial Nr. 274XXX), indicates that the case, which is also stamped with reference number 1163, is from 1972. Again correct according to the online experts at the various fora. Heuer never released an Autavia with orange dial, however they did do an orange dial on the vintage Heuer Diver ref. 980.007 as can be seen here. That vintage diver’s watch features the same tone of orange; a colour that’s was not often used by Heuer..